‘I’m thinking of return it back to Apple or selling it through Ebay.’

I’m always excited when it comes to a new gadget. But, as a Malaysian, usually all the new tech will only be available in our country after a few months, so the only way to fulfil my enquiries is to watch the written and video reviews over the internet.

Luckily not this time.

Well, since I’m here in the UK, I have taken the opportunity to do one more thing that I can’t in Malaysia. Reviewing a new technology by myself.


Moto-360 Smartwatch

Many of you may have heard that Apple Watch is coming. A new category entered by Apple but many brands have brought different designs to the table, Motorola 360 and Samsung Gear to name a few.

I managed to buy the Apple Watch within the first few minutes it is launched! Yes, I was among the apple fans that continuously refresh the browser waiting for Apple to start the pre-order on the 10 April. I successfully secured the Stainless steel case with Milanese Loop version. I read that those who ordered the Apple Watch a bit late have seen the delivery date delayed up till June.

I hate to talk about the price. As everyone know, Apple has always been charging people with overpriced products. But, I’m one of those happy customer using a mac and an iPhone, not the iPad though, as I love the flexibility of Surface Pro more.


Apple Watch with Milanese Loop

However, I’m thinking of giving it a try for a week and give my opinion in this blog, then return it back to Apple or selling it through Ebay. The former is possible due to Apple 14 days return policy, but the latter is more exciting as the auction price on Ebay seems to be very high due to the shortage in stock. Indeed, Apple has made it official that you can’t simply get one by walk into the Apple store, not until June. Nevertheless, let’s see how it goes after a week.


Apple Watch Auction on Ebay

I have created a YouTube Channel to share my video soon. Since I’m overwhelmed by my course assignments this few weeks, I hope I could spare some times to produce a video per day. Will see. *fingers crossed*

As for now, I have received my dispatched notification from Apple few hours ago. At 1800 Thursday, 23 April the UPS Tracking shows that the parcel is already in Tamworth, UK. Can’t wait for it tomorrow.

Apple Store Dispatched Notification

UPS Tracking

UPS Tracking