Finally after 2 months waiting, the time had come. Fazril, Munir and I went to Redang Island to take diving courses. Since Fazril and Munir took the Open Water Course, they need to stay in Redang for 5 days, whereas I just need to stay 3 days to complete my Advance Course.

On 24th August, Sunday, Fazril and I departed from KLIA2 to Kuala Terengganu. That was my first time travel from KLIA2 which had been heavily advertised as a shopping centre as well. That afternoon, we had a great seafood dinner at Medan Ikan Bakar KT. 😀

The following day we traveled from Merang Jetty straight to Redang Kalong by a booked ferry. I would say we didn’t waste a second when we reached there since we started the course straight away. That afternoon, I met with Andrew, my instructor.


Me with Andrew

Based on my experience, I could say that Advance Course was almost like a well planned fun dive. Since all the basic knowledge had been covered in Open Water Course. To be certified, I had to cover 5 different specialities which are;

1. Deep Diving – we went to 30m depth
2. Drift Diving – we went to an area with high current
3. Multilevel and Computer Diving – we tried the computer dive provided by the instructor. Oh btw, my birthday wish in 2015, a dive watch, anyone?
4. Underwater Navigator – I have to navigate underwater using a compass.
5. Night Diving – The best dive I ever had! Torchlight was the sole source of light.

I had 5 dives for the course, 2 fun dives and an extra dive. The extra dive which I paid another RM80 allows me to dive with them.

It was so much fun for me, and I hope Fazril and Munir had a fun experience too. I believe they had great experience with their kind-but-superpsycho instructor. LOL.


3 of us during the last dive


last dive 🙁


Sempat Selfie, hehe


I left the island one day earlier.

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