I’ve heard many Malaysians said that the UK driving test is better from what is applied in Malaysia. Even if we don’t say it publicly, most of us may have that thought. Being a student in the UK, I have taken opportunities to experience the system and try to understand the difference. I’m working on the article which will be posted here soon. As for now, here is the brief process as many of you had personally asked me.


Me after the practical test

Why Malaysian students should consider of taking UK driving Licence?
As a start, being a student in the UK, by law, we are allowed to use our Malaysian driving license only for the first year of our VISA. Then, we have to apply for an international license to be able to drive for the following years in the UK.
However, if you plan to buy a car, having a UK Driving License will help reduce your insurance premium significantly. Since the driving license is valid up till the age of 65, the UK Driving License can be considered as once in a lifetime payment.

There are 3 main steps to obtain the Full UK Driving license; provisional license, theory test, and Practical test

1. Provisional Licence

Brief : The first step of getting a UK driving licence is by applying a provisional license. For me, this the easiest but most time consuming step out of all the process.

Cost : £50
Other Requirements :
i. Proof of Identity (Passport)

How to : To apply a provisional licence, you need to fill up a form and provide your passport (identification proof) to the DVLA. The process will take up to 4 weeks before your passport is returned. So, you need to plan it wisely so that this won’t interrupt your travel plans.

Link :
Click HERE to apply the provisional licence.

2. Theory test

Brief : Theory test is computer based. Obviously, it is designed to test your knowledge in many aspects; alertness, attitude, safety and your vehicle, safety margins, hazard awareness, vulnerable road users, other type of vehicles, vehicle handling, motorway rules and rules of the road. The test consist of 2 categories; 50 multiple-choice questions and hazard-perception assessment.

Cost : £25
Other Requirements :
i. Provisional Driving Licence
ii. Proof of Identity

How to : I would suggest you to find a ‘DVLA Theory Test’ phone application which is available for iOS and Android. Even you have passed your theory test in Malaysia with flying colours, I would say that it is very likely that you going to fail this test without good preparation.

Link :
Click HERE for the web practise.
Click HERE to book a theory test.

3. Practical Test

Brief : Practical drive is between 45 to 50 minutes of driving which will be assessed. This includes eyesight check, show-me-tell-me questions, manoeuvre and independent driving test. There’s no minimum number of lessons you must have or hours you must practise driving before you take your test.

Cost : £62 weekday or £75 weekend (prices could be different, depending on the place)
Other Requirements :
i. Provisional Driving Licence (Card + Official Letter)
ii. A pass certificate of theory test

How to : Eventhough you may take the test without attending any practical class, you should be aware that the marking is different from what is applied in Malaysia. For example, you won’t simply fail the test if the engine stops.

Link :
Click HERE for more information about the fees
Click HERE to book a practical test